All our dentists at Optima Dental Care provide a full range of NHS and private dental treatments following evidence based and best practice guidelines.

All out team members keep up to date to ensure that you and your family receive the best advice and care possible.

We strongly believe that oral health education, preventative treatments and regular check ups are the key to good oral health. Evidence conclusively shows that dental decay and gum disease are preventable diseases and whilst there may be some individual variations in susceptibility, most people will maintain healthy teeth and gums by following some basic advice. The risks factors are dietary, smoking, plaque, fluoride and stress. Tell your dentist if you are pregnant or have diabetes as it might make it harder for you body to fight gum disease. Your dentist will advise you on your individual risks factors and how to reduce the risk. You will be given preventative advice and treatment options, and on completion of your treatment, your dentist will advise a suitable recall interval based on your risk.

Preventative treatments may include advice on brushing, flossing, fluoride, diet, fluoride application and fissure sealant.

Your dentist will discuss all options, the risks and benefits, and any alternatives, so that you are able to make a full informed choice.

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