sports mouth guards

Our sports mouth guards are custom designed to precisely fit your mouth for high level of comfort and excellent protection for you and your childrens teeth during sports. They are most frequently used for rugby, and other contact sports such as martial arts and boxing.

We offer a full range of sports mouth guards in several colours and designs for the upper teeth or both upper and lower teeth. Your dentist will be able to show you the different options in our catalogue and colour swash. All our mouth guards come with a carry/storage case.

We also provide a full range of mouth guards and occlusal appliances for treatment for Bruxism (grinding) and Teporomandibular Dysfunction (TMD). Please tell your dentist if you think you grind your teeth in your sleep, if your jaw click, or if you get jaw muscle tenderness/pain or frequent headaches. We will decide if you could benefit from an occlusal appliance to treat your condition, or you may already have one and need a replacement!

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