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We have ensured our clinics have been designed using a patient focused approach and used extensive patient feedback and suggestions in the design and delivery of our services. We have chosen colours, fabrics and textures to create a relaxing feeling. We are sure you will find the environment and atmosphere at Optima Dental Care both inviting and welcoming. All our staff receive regular training in customer service, including management of nervous patients, and helping you overcome the anxiety that so often prevents nervous patients making a commitment to regular dental care.

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Our friendly and considerate approach to your care will make your visits more pleasurable. Our waiting rooms are fitted with LCD TV’s which is very popular with sports and current affairs fans, but please feel free to ask one of our staff to turn it off if you prefer. Our surgeries have TV monitors fitted to the dental chairs and we offer a choice of DVD’s and music while you have your treatment, or you can bring you own ipod and earphones with you. If you are very nervous it may be worth asking for the first appointment of the session so you are hopefully seen exactly on time!

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