• test-11

    “I've had a full range of treatments, including root canals, crowns, fillings, dental implants over the course of two years. On my first appointment, I was extremely nervous but Mohan soon put all those fears aside. I didn't rush my treatment, but planned it to suit my work and holidays, so the process took around two years from start to finish. However, the results are truly amazing – not only aesthetically; but psychologically too. I've gone from someone who hid their smile to someone who is always showing off my teeth and I receive so many compliments about them.”

    Ashley Riches, Richmond

  • test-10

    “I have been a patient of Dr. Chawla for the past two years and have been extremely pleased with the level of service I have received along with the professional treatment performed on my teeth, in particular the four veneers on the top front. This cosmetic work has made an immense improvement as well as giving me confidence that all looks well and considerably improved. During all appointments I felt very relaxed and at ease and would certainly recommend Dr. Chawla’s ability in the future.”

    Mrs. B. McLean, Twyford, Berkshire

  • test-09

    “I wanted to let you know how impressed I am with the treatment you carried out for me!

    It has now been 3 years since it was done and I have never had any problems since the day you fitted the veneers. I was about to go ahead with the treatment at Harley Street, when another dentist recommended you to me, and I am so glad that I had the treatment from you. You and your team put me at ease, explained each step in plain and simple terms, and delivered beyond my expectation. I can now smile without being conscious and lots of people compliment me on my teeth. it has really changed my life. Thank you !!!”

    Chanda Patel

  • test-05

    “I have known Dr Chawla for 12 years when he took over the practice of my original dentist in High Wycombe, who was retiring. I was immediately impressed by Dr Chawla’s personable approach, being prepared to spend time answering patients queries, combined with his general ability to patients at ease yet still apply high quality, professional dentistry.

    I have received over the years the usual range of dentistry, but have been impressed enough, to now be in the process of receiving an implant to replace a tooth that was damaged in my youth and all is proceeding well.

    So confident am I in Dr Chawla’s ability that I have followed him through practice changes to stay with him and would thoroughly recommend him.”

    Michael Lambert, London W3

  • “My town of residence is High Wycombe and I have been a patient of Optima Dental Care for many years under the care of Dr. Chawla. He has looked after my teeth very well. I was very nervous when I first attended the surgery but Dr. Chawla put me at ease. He has a good manner with his patients and I have great confidence in his ability. I have recently had 2 implants in the lower jaw which holds my lower denture in and I am very happy with the result. I would definitely recommend Dr. Chawla to others.”

    E .Hoffman, High Wycombe

  • “I have been a patient at this practice for nearly twenty years, but it has been only over the past six years since Dr. Patel joined the practice that I have experienced so many modern and improved treatments, whether they be routine check-ups, crowns, veneers or dentures, at all times he has carefully communicated what is needed including indications of cost, which as a senior citizen is important, he has and demonstrates continually his professionalism. He puts you at ease prior to and when treatment is auctioned, I am totally confident in his abilities and would recommend the practice and Dr. Patel in particular.”

    Mr K G Musgrave, Widmer End, High Wycombe, Bucks

  • test-07

    “I was recommended to Dr Chawla through a friend of my husband. He was professional throughout my treatment and guided and advised me on all the stages of the treatment. I always felt very comfortable in his care even though some of the procedures were not pleasant. He was very patient and never rushed me, he allowed me to be in ‘control’ as well. I was extremely happy with the before and after pictures and it is sometimes difficult for my friends to spot the ‘false’ tooth as it blends in so well. I would recommend Dr Chawla to anyone as he is a professional person/dentist and has that ‘edge’ over other dentists I have been to in High Wycombe and always gives you reassurance. He is very kind and considerate throughout the procedures as well, asking whether you can feel any pain/discomfort.”

    Kathy Plato, High Wycombe

  • test-06

    “So to say I was scared of going to the dentist is a slight understatement! The time came when I had to face the fact my teeth were terrible.

    An appointment was made and I was accompanied by 2 people. I was shaking like a leaf and had taken anxiety tablets just to get me through the door. 12 months later, I walked through that same door on my own early for an appointment with a smile on my face – this was due to Dr Chawla.

    His constant reassurance helped me to build trust in procedures he’d completed and he always answered my silly questions. I have had an implant to replace and teeth whitening. Dr Chawla showed an understanding and passion in his work, the treatment was painless and the best thing I have EVER done. love my smile.”

    Katie Muschallik, High Wycombe

  • “In the recent years of attending Optima Dental Care under the special skill, expertise and artististry of Dr. Patel, I have been very impressed to find his caring approachable reassuring nature coupled with his efficient dentistry such a blessing to discover; in short, the best dentist I have experienced to date. I would also like to congratulate the whole Optima team at High Wycombe for their prompt, friendly, caring and efficient service constantly.”

    Laurie R Rugless, Great Missenden, Bucks

  • test-02

    “I have been a patient at Optima Dental Care at High Wycombe for several years.

    I had extensive treatment in 2009, involving 5 crowns and a 3 teeth bridge to replace a missing tooth. I am more than pleased with the result.

    Although I was apprehensive at the start of treatment, I was immediately put at ease by Dr Chawla and his excellent team. Dr Chawla worked quickly, while explaining everything he was doing. The whole treatment was carried out professionally and with the minimum of discomfort.

    I would certainly have no hesitation in recommending Dr Chawla to anyone requiring dental treatment. In my case it has made such a difference as I can now smile without feeling self conscious about my teeth.”

    Rosina Putnam, Flackwell Heath

  • test-12

    “My husband and I have been patients of Dr. Chawla for approximately 20 years. Both my husband and I have had a wide range of treatments. These treatments include root canal, crowns and denture work. Also in addition we have had the usual maintenance of our teeth such as check-ups, fillings etc. All work has been carried out to a very high standard due to the diligence and expertise of Dr Chawla. We are always relaxed during treatment as we have total faith and confidence in Dr Chawla. We are very happy to recommend Dr Chawla to new patients.”

    Mrs Sybil Terry & Mr Mick Terry, Feltham, Middlesex

  • test-04

    “Just wanted to say thankyou for my ‘smile’.

    I would definitely recommend Dr Mohan Chawla to any of my friends, he put me totally at ease. I had many consultations with him before deciding exactly what treatment I would have. I had always been very aware of my teeth and hated my smile, I had several crowns all different colours and sizes, my bite was out of line and I used to wake up every morning with a tension headache where my teeth grated. Dr Chawla replaced all my top crowns, filled my bottom teeth and smoothed them down and therefore changed my bite. I was amazed how quick the treatment was even though I was in the chair for about 2.5 hours to have all the crowns prepared and temporary crowns fitted, Dr Chawla and his nurse were very considerate and gave me lots of rests I felt totally confident in their hands. I returned 2 weeks later and had my new crowns fitted and now 6 months on I will happily give a ‘cheesy’ smile when I have a photograph taken instead of shying away from the camera and the tension headaches have gone!”

    Marian Dalton, Epsom

  • “I have known Dr Chawla for over three years now. I initially contacted him regarding a tooth implant as my tooth had cracked and I needed a replacement. I was slightly nervous but Dr Chawla put me at ease and thoroughly explained the process. The overall length of the treatment was a year, because I had to wait for the gum to heal for 6 months after extraction before the implant was inserted, but I had a temporary bridge so I did not have to go around with a gap during the treatment at all. I was totally happy with the outcome and have had no issues with my tooth since. I would recommend Dr Chawla to anyone considering Implants or Cosmetic Dentistry.”

    C McGrath, Maidenhead

  • “The look for my front teeth chosen between Dr chawla and myself was based on my natural teeth but subtly changed for a better overall appearance, I did not want a fake look, but people started telling me I looked healthy, i’ve had people actually tell me that I have nice teeth, and noticed that i now smiled, something that i consciously did not do, also when i spoke i hardly moved my lips so that my teeth would not show, I am now trying to show my teeth when I speak. Oh yes and no bad breath anymore. Thanks Dr Chawla for all you’ve done”

    Jim, Hanworth

  • “I thank you for my reminder about dental appointments, but i doubt if I shall be requiring one for a few years yet to come!

    The new set of dentures fit perfectly with no sores, ulcers or the like to date, and for which I must compliment your workmanship and recommend to others.

    Wishing you every success in the future.”

    Ken Hudson, Epsom

  • test-03

    “Dr Chawla has been my dentist for nearly 14 years. I have found him to be trustworthy and extremely passionate about Dentistry. Whenever treatment is required/wanted he discusses options and then explains in detail the processes required, and the reasons why it might/might not be available to have the desired treatment. Over the years he has replaced some crowns for me which were difficult teeth to save but they have been fine, and look excellent cosmetically. Last year, I unfortunately lost one of my top right back teeth, we discussed the options available to me, one of which included an Implant. Had another Dentist offered me this procedure I may have been nervous, but with Dr Chawla, this was never the case, from the moment the procedure began I knew I was in the right hands. I have had no cause, in the past year that I have had this Implant to think about it, other than to advise other people to think about having them done by Dr Chawla too.”

    Michelle, Hampton

  • “I have known Dr Mohan Chawla for four years since moving to this area. Dr Chawla has whitened and veneered my front teeth and fitted a crown and I am thrilled with the results. His work is excellent and I found him to be very caring and considerate hen performing the treatment. I have total confidence in his knowledge and ability and unequivocally recommend him and his work.”

    Linda Dudley, Reading , Berkshire

  • “Dr. Chawla has treated my family since 1993. We encountered him as the out-of-hours dentist following an accident and fortunately his interest in cosmetic dentistry meant that my daughter’s teeth were repaired with care and sensitivity at the time. He has since crowned them and continued with her dental care.

    When I needed root canal treatment I had no hesitation in putting my trust in him and the work has been successful. He takes time to explain the procedures involved, pointing out the risks and benefits and the surgery is equipped with up-to-date technology so that the patient can see on a screen what is involved at each stage. On the only occasion I had a problem following treatment Dr Chawla was available in person at the weekend to provide care. I would rather wait for Dr Chawla than accept an appointment with another dentist and would be more than happy to recommend him. I feel he takes a personal interest in us and looks after us very well.”

    Lynne Chilver, Uxbridge

  • “It is now several months since you completed the installation of the implants in my upper jaw and I am writing to say how delighted I am with the result.

    I first came in contact with you about two years ago through my twin brother when, Because he had a course of Radiotherapy on his throat which effected his mouth in as much as he could no longer wear his upper denture. Being identical twins, my mouth went in sympathy with his and it was at that time that you did the implants for me.

    As I have stated above, I am most delighted with the outcome mainly because I can now chew my food properly, eat apples and nuts etc. and I have got my smile back which is wonderful.”

    Richard Coleman-Wood, Hove

  • ranjit

    “Thank you for the dental treatment to sort out my teeth. I am really pleased that I had implants done as I can now chew my food properly. They have felt like my own teeth from day one. The treatment was surprisingly very straightforward and I like the fact you explain the treatment fully and are always happy to answer any questions. I was very impressed by your professional approach and your excellent team.”

    Ranjit Ubhi

  • “I am very pleased with the service you have provided, I have been using your practice for 17 years and you have given me a great deal of confidence with my Hollywood smile – all my friends are jealous! When the time comes I will gladly have implanted teeth for the two missing teeth from you, I can only recommend implants as a way for the future – just think, you would never get tooth ache ever again and have beautiful teeth forever. Thank you for your Kindness.”

    Vera M, Hounslow

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