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5 porcelain fused to metal crowns and a porcelain fused to metal fixed bridge.

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4 porcelain veneers.

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Teeth whitening and implants.

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Teeth whitening and implant.

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Teeth whitening and implant.

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Porcelain veneers.

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Gum (periodontal) treatment, teeth whitening and implants.

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Teeth whitening and 4 porcelain veneers to mask the discoloured tooth and close small gaps.

      • www.optimadental.co.ukclaire-before
      • www.optimadental.co.ukclaire-after

Inman aligner brace, gum recontouring, teeth whitening and replacement ceramic crowns.

      • www.optimadental.co.ukamanda-before
      • www.optimadental.co.ukamanda-after

Teeth whitening, replacement crowns and veneers.

      • www.optimadental.co.ukmaria-before
      • www.optimadental.co.ukmaria-after

Teeth whitening and replacement of 2 metal Maryland (adhesive) bridges replacing the upper lateral incisors with all ceramic ones, to stop the grey colour of the metal showing through the supporting teeth.

      • www.optimadental.co.ukmark-before
      • www.optimadental.co.ukmark-after

Teeth whitening, gum recontouring surgery, 8 porcelain veneers, 2 porcelain crowns and a fixed porcelain bridge.

      • www.optimadental.co.ukmichelle-before
      • www.optimadental.co.ukmichelle-after

Teeth whitening and 4 ceramic crowns.

      • www.optimadental.co.uksami-before
      • www.optimadental.co.uksami-after

2 dental implants and composite bonding

      • www.optimadental.co.ukuzma-before
      • www.optimadental.co.ukuzma-after

Porcelain crown used to treat decayed tooth. If the tooth is not so badly decayed then it will usually be possible to achieve an excellent result with a more conservative approach using bonded tooth coloured filling.

      • www.optimadental.co.ukcz-before
      • www.optimadental.co.ukcz-after

I treated this lady Enlighten Evolution whitening. The treatment required 14 consecutive days of home whitening followed by a 45 minute appointment at the surgery on day 15. This will usually achieve shade B1.

      • www.optimadental.co.ukkasha-before
      • www.optimadental.co.ukkasha-after

Removal of amalgam (metal) filling and replacement with composite (tooth coloured) filling.

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