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Teeth whitening is one of the most common cosmetic procedures. It is quick, safe and simple to do and yet it can completely transform your smile. It is often combined with composite bonding as part of a smile makeover providing a quick, non invasive and affordable way to reverse the appearance of discoloured, chipped or worn teeth restoring a youthful appearance.

All dentists at Optima dental care in High Wycombe offer 3 different teeth whitening options and will help you choose the method that best suits your needs.

Boutique Home Whitening

Boutique Whitening is safe and effective, using the highest quality whitening gel, manufactured in the USA, you can be assured of fantastic results and a brighter, whiter smile.

After thorough de-scaling of the teeth, impressions of the teeth are taken by the dentist and high quality custom made bleaching trays are constructed by Boutique Whitening’s dedicated laboratory. The trays are be delivered to us in 10 days. The accuracy of the tray fit and the quality of the whitening product are crucial to achieve good results.

Boutique whitening gels are available for either day use for 2 hours each day or alternatively night use. Your dentist will help you decide which method will suit you best. At you next appointment your dentist will check the fit of the whitening trays provide you with Boutique Day or Night whitening kit. Your dentist will ensure you understand how to use it correctly.

The key features of Boutique whitening system are it is neutral PH so it protects the enamel, the gel is viscous which helps reduce wash out by saliva and it has built in desensitiser to help prevent sensitivity. It is a simple to use product that will need to be used daily at home and you will usually see great results seen in 10-14 days.

Zoom Chairside Whitening

This technique is carried out in the dental chair to give a whiter brighter smile in just over an hour. Many people are familiar with the technique and refer to it as laser whitening having seen it featured regularly on TV programmes likes Extreme Makeover and 10 Years Younger. The key benefit of this technique is that it is quick and the makes the teeth several shade lighter. It can be combined with home whitening – either whiten at home immediately followed by Zoom Chairside or the other way round. This option achieves by far the best whitening results we have seen at Optima.

A special moisturiser is applied to the lips so they don’t become dry and the lips are gently held away with a special retractor and cotton wool rolls. The gums and cheeks are protected with a special barrier, then the whitening gel is applied to the teeth and a special light shines on the teeth for 15 minutes. This is repeated again twice with fresh gel.

Feel free to bring in a selection of music to listen to during the procedure.

Enlighten Evolution

Enlighten’s Evolution professional whitening treatment can whiten up to 16 shades to give a dramatic look. This method is is carried out using custom made whitening trays to fit your teeth in the same way as home whitening. The impressions are taken by your dentist and sent to Enlighten’s state of the art laboratory who will the make high quality sealed bleaching trays for you. This takes 2 weeks during which time you will use Enlighten’s amazing toothpaste called Tooth Serum twice a day instead of your regular toothpaste. This is an integral part of the treatment designed to improve the whitening effect and reduce any sensitivity from the treatment.

Next you return to the dentist to pick up the trays and whitening kit and carry out home whitening every night for 2 weeks.

Finally you return to your dentist for a 40 minute treatment in the chair which will not require any gum barrier protection.

You can sit up in the chair during this visit and read or listen to music.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change the colour of my teeth even if they have always been discoloured?

Yes, in most cases teeth will whiten nicely although some peoples teeth don’t respond as well as others. Sometimes teeth that are naturally coloured yellow or brown just take longer to whiten. We have found that tetracycline staining responds to Zoom Chair side combined with home whitening.

Why have my teeth discoloured over the years?

Many of us have stains on the teeth due to our habits and lifestyle. Certain food and drinks are more likely to cause stains like tea, coffee and red wine as well as smoking. Sometimes a front tooth may have discolouration because it is dead or has had root canal treatment which can be successfully treated with bleaching.

Can everyone have their teeth whitened?

The main exceptions are hypersensitivity to the whitening gel and pregnancy.

Is there anything I need to avoid or be careful with when I am whitening my teeth?

The best results are achieved by following all the instructions carefully. You will need to use the gel for the correct length of time every day. If you experience sensitivity this will stop if you stop whitening temporarily and brush with a high fluoride toothpaste or Sensodyne toothpaste. You will need to follow the dietary restrictions like avoiding tea, coffee, red wine during the whole treatment and for 24 hours after the treatment is finished.

How long will the effects last?

This depends on whether you drink lots of tea, coffee, red wine, and whether you smoke. Depending on how much tea, coffee and red wine you have, the results can be maintained if you do a top-up every 4-8 weeks, which is just a single day or night application.

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